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Chicago agencies and businesses receive female and male condoms for FREE through the Chicago Department of Public Health's Community Condom Project. The Chicago Community Condom Project provides residents access to free male and female condoms through community partners. Email or call (312) 413-3961 to learn how you can become a partner.

Community-based organizations can access female condoms (FCs) at a more affordable price through the Chicago Female Condom Campaign’s pool purchasing program. 

Pool Purchasing Program

  • Agencies pay 75 cents per condom, as opposed to 83 cents.
  • A minimum order of one case (1,000 FCs) is required to participate.  One case costs $755.
  •  Orders of fewer than five cases (5,000 FCs) will be shipped to the AFC office and will require pickup by your agency.  
  • Orders of more than five cases will be shipped directly to your agency.  
  • Orders cannot be processed until payment is received.
  • Order processing may take three to four weeks, since enough orders must be pooled to reach the 25 case minimum set by the Female Health Company. 
  • By participating in pool purchasing, your agency agrees not to redistribute FCs for sale.

If you are interested in participating in the pool purchasing program, please fill out an order form and submit it to the AIDS Foundation of Chicago (AFC) who administers the program. Contact Sara Semelka with questions at (312) 922-2322 or
















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