aWhat we do

The Chicago Female Condom Campaign is committed to reducing sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV, and unintended pregnancies by:

  • Advocating for increased public health purchasing and distribution of female condoms by the Illinois Department of Public Health, the Chicago Department of Public Health, and the Cook County Bureau of Health Services.  Distribution sites should include public health clinics, community health centers, family planning centers, community-based organizations, and other health care providers that serve communities at greatest risk for HIV and STIs.
  • Equipping service providers with skills to positively promote female condoms, including knowledge of how to correctly use and access them.
  • Educating community members on the correct ways to use female condoms and where to access them.
  • Launching a social marketing campaign that includes postcards, factsheets, posters, a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and a website to promote female condoms.

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