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As a health educator or provider, it is very important that you positively promote the female condom (FC) as a safe and effective prevention tool and that you can properly demonstrate how to use it.  If you are not familiar with FCs or are uncomfortable with the idea of them, your clients will pick up on your discomfort or negative feelings, which will negatively impact their views of FCs.

The Chicago Female Condom Campaign is here to help you get familiar and get comfortable!  Check out some of our training materials and training opportunities.

  • The 411 on FCs PowerPoint Presentation is a useful tool to guide your FC conversation with clients and community members.
  • The 411 on FCs Brochure answers the who, what, where, why and how of FCs.  This educational brochure is an important material to distribute to people attending workshops and individual educational sessions.  It should also be made regularly available and visible at your agency.  E-mail us to order brochures, at no cost, for your agency.
  • Tips for Providers: Helping Your Clients Use FCs offers practical advice for educators and service providers about how to effectively talk about FCs.  E-mail us to order this sheet, at no cost, for your agency.
  • Vaginal Training Models lists the different types of models available, their prices, and ordering information.

The Power of Providers

Seen as reputable and trusted sources of information, providers can have an enormous impact on how someone perceives FCs, as well as any other prevention tool.  A negative presentation of the FC can result in a client’s or patient’s rejection of it.  On the other hand, introducing FCs in a positive light can result in its adoption as a prevention option.  This is crucial because it has been shown that expanding prevention choices increases the number of protected sex acts. 

The Center for Health and Gender Equity's report Saving Lives Now  cites a study conducted in 1998, which revealed that women and men who learned about FCs from their health care providers or clinics were more likely to regularly use them.  The report also states that comprehensive trainings are essential to ensure that service providers have the necessary knowledge and skills to conduct educational sessions with their clients.


Ensuring that providers are adequately equipped with the information and skills necessary to talk about FCs is one of the key goals of the Chicago Female Condom Campaign.  The Campaign regularly hosts trainings for case managers, HIV prevention educators, health care providers, and family planning specialists.  Longtime educators and providers, as well as people who are new to the FC, will benefit from these informational, interactive, and hands-on training sessions.  Participants learn the facts and features of the new FC, as well as the best practices for effectively promoting it to clients and communities.  Participants also have the opportunity to share strategies they have found to be most useful when discussing FCs.

The Campaign invites all interested individuals and agencies to register for its next training.  E-mail Sara Semelka to find out about upcoming trainings.

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